Alpine Christmas Canapes by Koj

Duck, Endive, Celeriac, Beetroot & Fig

2 Gressingham duck legs / Sea salt and black pepper / 1 cinnamon stick / 1 bay leaf / 1 star anise / Duck fat or olive oil
Method 1. Place the cinnamon, bay leaf and star anise in a small baking tray – just big enough for the duck legs. 2. Season the duck legs with salt and pepper, then place skin side up in the baking tray. 3. Add enough duck fat or olive oil to come half way up the duck legs, then cover with foil. 4. Place in the oven for 2 hours at 140c, then remove the foil, turn the heat up to 170c and roast for a further 20-30 minutes to crisp up the skin. 5. Allow to cool , then shred the skin and meat from the bones while it is still warm. Discard the bones and reserve the shredded meat.

1/2 celeriac / Juice of 1/2 lemon / 300g creme fraiche / 1 tbps whole grain mustard / Sea salt and black pepper, to taste.
Method 1. Peel the celeriac, then grate it into a mixing bowl. 2. Add the remaining ingredients and mix well. Season to taste.

2 cooked beetroots / 2 figs / 1 tbsp fig chutney, jam or membrillo / 1 tbsp fruit vinegar
Method 1. Dice the beetroot and fig very finely. If the fig is ripe, it may be easier to puree it and add to the diced beetroot. 2. Add fig chutney or jam, then adjust the seasoning with a little vinegar, sugar or salt (or all of the above)

2 heads of endive Separate the leaves of a head or two of endive – these act like edible spoons – you should get at least 8-12 leaves from each. Fill each leaf with a teaspoon of celeriac remoulade, topped with a teaspoon of shredded confit duck leg and finally half a teaspoon of beetroot and fig.



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