St. Barts

The Caribbean Island of St Barthélemy - better known as St Barts or St Barths - is a paradise for all ages and all seasons. Encircled by azure seas and vibrant coral reefs, this (former) volcanic island is one of the most exclusive destinations in the world but it has more than 20 public beaches; so not just a celebrity playground.

Today a French overseas department, St. Barts was discovered by Columbus in 1493 when it was called Ouanalao by its native inhabitants. Columbus renamed the island in honour of his brother Barthélemy and today only the Carib Indian population use its ancient title.

The island is a haven for exotic birds, among which the most common are pelicans and vibrantly coloured hummingbirds. The beautiful coral reefs are teeming with Grunts, Angel-and Parrotfish and sea turtles, dolphins and whales roam the Caribbean Sea.

Long pristine beaches with fine white sand, deep blue coves and palm-shaded trails invite you to sunbathe, swim or explore. And for the sportier there is everything from snorkelling and diving between the reefs, to deep sea fishing or kite surfing; in fact St. Barts offers any water-sport you could imagine. But if you don’t want to get wet, you can ride in a 'Yellow Submarine’ or cruising the local waters.

Sampling the variety of cuisines on St. Barts is a pastime in itself, which range from typical Creole, to Asian and European and of course you will find the freshest of fresh seafood such as conch, flying fish and rock lobster.

If you are planning a family holiday, a romantic getaway or looking for a wellness retreat; at Blanc Bleu you will feel at home in paradise.


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