700 islands belong to the Commonwealth of The Bahamas and with their miles of white sand, turquoise waters, the third largest barrier reef in the world and an ideal tropical climate it comes as no surprise that the Bahamas are one of the worlds most renowned destinations.

Eleuthera (“free” or “freedom” from the Greek) - the island on which our colonial beach house is situated - has a rich history of European settlement and is in fact the birthplace of the Bahamas in 1648. A group of Englishmen called the Eleutheran Adventurers set out to find religious freedom and when they came ashore of the then unpopulated island they would pray in a cove now known as “Preachers Cave” on the northern part of the island. And it was they who gave The Bahamas their first written democratic constitution.

The island’s laid-back ambience is reflected in stunning pink sand beaches, hidden grottos and caves and ancient coral reefs which lend the clear water a rich blue reflection; and Eleuthera’s seclusion make it the perfect getaway.

But Eleuthera is also one of The Bahamas’ hot spots for water sports, like snorkelling and kayaking for which a long stretch of colourful coral called the Devil’s Backbone is a popular site. For divers there is the challenge of The Current Cut between Eleuthera and the small island of Current; a very fast and strong current in a narrow 100 yard wide and 60 feet deep cut. Popular with divers it is considered by some to be one of the top dive sites in the world.

The diverse Bahamian cuisine reflects many influences, Caribbean, American, African and European. Some of the more common entrees including the amazingly tasty conch fritters, grouper fingers and local Rock Lobster. Tropical fruits such as the locally grown pineapples, rice and chilli are substantial elements in many local dishes.

With a myriad of fantastic islands just a boat trip away there is plenty to explore and “Island Hopping” is highly recommended. For example a day trip to Pig Beach to swim with these endearing residents or an outing to the glitzy Nassau and Paradise Island for a bit of boutique-shopping and a famed “Bahama Mama”.

Buccaneer Hill is the ideal Bahamian retreat or a base from which to do and see all that this wonderful part of the world has to offer.


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