The luxury retreat rentals concierge service can not just help you find the perfect property or venue but we can help you plan your trip, organise events or activities and arrange travel and staff; anything you need to make your stay unique, which ever part of the world.

Making a Meal of It

We are always being asked for recommendations for chefs and caterers for many sorts of occasions. So here are our suggestions. Each different, but all highly recommended:

  • Rory Baxter, founder of The Potted Game Co
  • Eat Five Star, who manage Bradley House for the Duke of Somerset
  • Andrew KojimaMasterchef Finalist 
  • My Chef at Home, the new service from Greycoat Lumleys
  • Andrew Foster, formerly at The Ivy and Kensington Place

A Taste of The World

We have teamed up with local chef Masterchef Finalist Andrew Kojima, to offer bespoke foodie weekends, weeks or mid weeks. A typical foodie weekend could include a Saturday foraging, visiting local producers and markets before returning to base and a group cook – or you can just sit back and watch – leading to a wonderful dinner party. So an opportunity to learn and savor. And Andrew can look after you wherever you are in the world.


Don't Lift a Finger


Our staffing partners, Greycoat Lumleys, will be pleased to help you find the perfect housekeeper, temporary nanny or staff a whole house for you; anywhere in the world. Let us know what your needs might be and we will introduce you to the wonderful Greycoat team.

Pamper Yourself

We offer our guests the services of both Claire Hanson, the celebrity stylist and make up artist, and her MACH in house / in room treatments and therapies team; as well as the services of My Personal Sanctuary. Please email us for more details, especially for weddings and events.

The Passport™

We have created, and still are building, a wonderful network of partners – independent retailers, restaurants, therapists etc. – who not only make it pay to stay in one of our unique properties but also when you are back at home.

Some are local to individual property but an increasing number – like the wonderful Lewis & Wood – are national or international. All of these partners we are great fans of which is why we wanted them to encourage you to same their unique offerings.

You will find out more on the dedicated
Passport page at Luxury Cotswold Rentals.


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